Why Did I Choose My Particular Dog?

As I have posted before, I have a Spitz/Westie mix. She is the delight of our lives. She is smart, energetic, loving, loyal, alert to her surroundings, wary of strangers, and small.

My hubby and I are getting older. Both of us are retired and in our sixties. It seems, at least according to the news, older folks tend to be the victims of crimes such as break ins, theft, door to door scam artists, etc. I knew we needed a dog that would alert us to unwelcome visitors or intruders.

My hubby retired a few years before I did. He was quickly becoming a vegetable. He had little to no interest in going anywhere or doing anything constructive. He became less and less active, only moving if he had to. I had to do something to change that.

Lucky me! A friend’s Westie had pups..half Spitz and half Westie. So I got one. And from day 1 hubby’s life changed. He loves that dog. (Granted, I am the Alpha as far as she is concerned) And that dog loves him. He talks to her, takes her out back to play. He gives her treats and makes sure she has food and water. She follows him around all over the house and out in the back yard too. Because of her he is physically and mentally more active.

I’ve made this sound like I do nothing with her, but that is not the case. I am the one who brushes her, bathes her and takes her on her daily walks. My life has also changed because of her. I am more active than I was and those daily walks have improved my health, mobility and set me on a healthy path to physical fitness and weight loss.

She has definitely improved our lives and I hope she is around for a very long time.

So why did you choose your dog?

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2 thoughts on “Why Did I Choose My Particular Dog?

  1. The Westie is a very intelligent dog who loves human companionship both indoors and outdoors-but do have issues with other pets or small animals. Introduce them gradually to the little newcomers, making sure the Westie is not ignored or pushed back. Happy, curious, and always trying to get into the middle of everything, they are considered one of the most affectionate of all the terriers with their also demanding personality-yet can still feel jealousy if their homeland is threatened. They are very popular due to their extreme versatility. And like most terriers, this breed loves to bark and dig-or dig and bark-anyway, they have a tendency to do both at the same time, while showing off their independence and stubborn attitude. A high energy level requires walks in the park, leash-training lessons, fetching balls or toys, or sleeping. Due to a high need to stay active when awake, sleeping about 13 hours a day is required by the little Westie when they finally collapse. In fact, many Westie owners say that if their West Highland White Terrier is contented, they can sleep as much as 22 hours a day! But when they are awake, watch out for a pure energy ball of business. Its faults are listed as excess timidity or excess pugnacity. Another fault listed is in reference to its gait, when there is lack of reach in front, and/or drive behind-stiff, stilted, or too wide movements.

  2. I didn’t really have a particular breed in mind when I went looking for my dog … what I did have was a diagnosis of agoraphobia and an increasingly difficult time even just going outside to check the mail for fear of having someone approach me.
    I did some homework and found that the Shih Tzu, beyond just being a small dog companion breed, had their temperament written into their breed standard (the only dog breed which does). I needed someone who would not only be bright and stable, but who had the instinct to safeguard me when my internal battles are getting the better of me … the search brought me to a specific breeder.
    During my initial interview (so they could make sure _I_ was a suitable choice of owner for one of their dogs), I was introduced to 7 different wonderfully friendly little dogs and the breeder watched me very carefully during my interactions with them. One dog, a 2 yr old male, evoked a slight state of decreased anxiety from me … for me, it was heaven, and the breeder commented on it before turning to her husband and asking him to bring a particular dog. While he was fetching her, the wife went on to tell me about this dog … a retired Canadian Champion who had been allowed to have her 3 litters and was now retired. Apparently, she was bored out of her mind being a housepet and spent her time doing what so many unhappy and bored women (including myself) do … eating too much.
    From the moment she was laid in my arms, M’Lady clicked with me. I stopped the trembling that has been a constant part of my life since I was 22 … stilling for the first time in decades while she sniffed me carefully. then she laid down beside me on the sofa and I could feel the fear draining out of me. All this was observed carefully by the breeder who ended up gifting her to me after three more interviews.
    That was last October and that little lionhearted Shih Tzu has changed my life … she has never had a moment of service training in her life but always knows what her job is and takes it very seriously. She watches over me very carefully and alerts me (or others nearby, if I’m not paying attention to her) when my stress levels are getting too high. With her at my side, I am rediscovering the world and the people in it.
    I really couldn’t be more blessed ^_^

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