What Do You Do When You Have an UNFRIENDLY Dog?

As I have mentioned before, my dog is part Westie and part Spitz. She is very protective of me and my hubby. She lets us know if someone comes around, whether we are in the house, or the yard or out walking. She doesn’t like other people or dogs to get too close to us. And, if they do, she will growl, lunge and bark her head off, regardless of the size of the dog or its owner.

I have to be ever vigilante when I am walking her. I must pay attention to who or what is around us. If I meet someone walking their dog, I will cross the street to keep a safe distance between us. I will also shorten my hold on her leash to keep her at my side. Will she bite? I don’t know. She hasn’t, but her attitude towards strangers, 4 footed or 2 footed, indicates that she might or at least that she is considering it. I also warn those who get too close that she may bite them and to NOT approach.

But there will always be someone who thinks all dogs are friendly. So what do you do then? Well, I have been very rude and blunt. But if it keeps her from biting someone and doesn’t give any lawyers a good case, then rude I will be.

So please folks, if you are told by a dog owner that their dog is not friendly, believe them and keep your distance.

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