Burning Those Calories

Those of us who want to lose weight and inches know we must burn a sufficient amount of calories in order to do so.

When are we burning calories? All the time. Even at rest we are burning calories. Granted it is a minimal amount, but we are burning calories even when we are sitting and watching TV or knitting or reading or painting or talking on the phone.

The key is to increase our activity in order to burn more so that we lose that weight and inches. We all know that we must exercise in order to increase our calorie burn. But how can one increase our calorie burn when we are doing sedentary things?

Here are a few suggestions:

When you are talking on the phone, stand up and walk around. Most folks have cell phones so this is easy.

When you are watching TV, stand up and do some stretching exercises.

When the dishes need to be washed, do it by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

When you are knitting or crocheting, stand up and walk around, taking it with you. For some this may be difficult, but try it.

When you are on the computer, stand up and try typing.

When reading a book, stand up and walk around.

You will notice the key words here are “stand up”. Getting from a sitting position to a standing position is movement and burns a few calories. You will find over time that you have become more active and that just sitting is something you can no longer do. You will have become that active person you always wanted to be.

See you on the good side of healthy.