Designing a New Sock

I am currently designing a new sock for men. I wanted something that was somewhat generic, but that men would wear. I talked with my youngest son. He said it’s all about color, not fancy stitches. So I came up with a plaid sock.

First of all, I worked it out on graph paper. I played around with it until I got it like I wanted. Then I began to implement it.

Now I am no stranger to stranded (colorwork or fairisle) knitting. I know it takes longer to knit and it also tends to draw up the width more so than just knitting with a single yarn. BUT, OMG! This sock is labor intensive. I do like the results, but I don’t think I will be making this again. If I do I will only, repeat, ONLY do the plaid section on the top or cuff of the sock and only for a short distance.

Figuring out on paper where to change colors is so much different than the actual knitting of said colors. As I said, it is labor intensive. And I still have to write it up as a pattern and place said pattern in my store for sale.

After all this work, I certainly hope the pattern sells well.


Oh BTW, I call it Mens Plaid PIA Sox.


6 thoughts on “Designing a New Sock

  1. LOL!! It might sell just because you have PIA (PITA) in the title.

    My patterns on Etsy are doing well. Sold about 70. Good luck with yours. Whatever happened to your scarf?

  2. I don’t think I’m going to write this up as a pattern. It is very complicated and I like to keep things simple. BTW, which scarf are you talking about? Most of the ones I’ve done so far have been free patterns.

  3. The ivory one you crocheted with the scallops. Really pretty. I made it and also made a hat to match.

  4. LOL, Barb. No, never was that good at math. This was done by just using graph paper, marking off half the stitches I normally cast on and then coloring in squares based on a multiple of 8. Not confusing, is it?

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