Thinking of Mom on Mother’s Day

My mother went to Heaven many years ago, way before my own children were born. I still miss her.

I often think how she might respond to certain situations in my life and what she would have done under those circumstances.

Sometimes I think of the funny things she said throughout my life. My dog, for example, is a mixed breed. She would have called her a Sooner…just as soon be one thing as another.

I wonder how she would have liked having 5 grandchildren, all boys, BTW. I think she would have spoiled each and everyone as much as possible. And she probably would have harped on me and my brother to grace her with a granddaughter.

She died 30+ years ago, but I still think about her and smile. I think we would be best friends, not just mother and daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone.

BF 20