Diet Destroyers

Oh NO! Auntie Vera is having a family reunion next month and you know there will be all kinds of food there that you should stay away from. You are seriously thinking of not attending. Seriously? Why?

Consider yourself lucky. Yes, that’s right…LUCKY! You know, ahead of time, that there will be all kinds of temptations. You also know which foods are your weakness, foods you just can’t resist, no matter how committed you are to your diet.

First, remember that you will have binge days. Everybody has them. It’s NOT the end of the world. And one day out of 30 is not going to ruin you or your diet.

Personally, I try to live by my own 2 bite rule. I know I will want that fried chicken and potatoe salad and piece of pie. So I grab a small plate (you can’t put a ton of food on a small plate). Then I try to fill up on the foods I know are good for me. It is after this that I begin using my 2 bite rule. I know I still want the foods that aren’t good for me. So I cut a piece of fried chicken that equals 2 bites, a small spoonful of potatoe salad that equals 2 bites and a small piece of pie that equals 2 bites. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But this way I get a taste of the foods I love, without over indulging. I’ve satisfied my craving and I haven’t ruined my diet. I’ve had a good time at Aunt Vera’s and I’m not depressed about what I ate.

There are all kinds of ways of dealing with diet destroyers that don’t involve self loathing. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to attend those parties, get togethers or special nights out. You are a strong person and you can win the battle.

Have faith in yourself. And if you do blow it…well tomorrow is a brand new day, a new beginning.

See you on the good side of healthy.



2 thoughts on “Diet Destroyers

  1. What a great idea. Well, I do the 2 bite rule, but I start out with 2 bites of everything and a hooped up plate. I’m going with your suggestion and eat healthy for the first round.
    How’s retirement going?

  2. Retirement is great! Of course, the old rule applies…too much time and not enough money. I keep hoping to win the Lottery. No luck yet, though. 🙂

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