New Bicycle

Okay….I got a bike.

A little history: I’ve been riding a bike since I was 6 y/o. I am now 62 y/o. Now I haven’t been ON a bike in at least 10 years.

The bike came in today. Youngest put it together. In the last hour, while trying to practice a bit, I have fallen 3 times. Once before I even got on the thing and twice when trying to stop.

Now, I did NOT fall on pavement. I have been practicing in the back yard where there is soft dirt, glorious soft dirt. So no injuries.

Found out my knees are EXTREMELY weak and I’m wearing the WRONG shoes to ride a bike. Also found out the exertion it takes to get started on dirt really makes me winded.

BUT I am NOT giving up! Dang it! I WILL master this!

new bike 002a

UPDATE: For the first time since getting my bike, I rode through my neighborhood for 20 minutes. I did wear my helmet. Gotta protect my old brain.


2 thoughts on “New Bicycle

  1. That’s one good looking bike. I’m not good at bike riding, but I think it’s because I’ve never had one that fit properly. I’m always on my tippy toes when I come to a stop. What’s your address…I’ll be sending you bandaids.
    You go, girl

  2. I know what you mean. This is a 26 inch bike and I really need a 24 inch bike, but they are hard to find for adults.

    A few more days of practicing and I should be ready to ride down my road for a bit.

    I was afraid of falling at first, but since I’ve already done that, I’m good to go.

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