I Need to Get in Shape!

Definitely! Why? To wear the latest bikini to the beach? HELL NO! I’m too damn old to be running around in a bikini, not even a one piece swimsuit.

I’m retired and mostly sedentary. I want to get in shape so that I can take a walk around a beautiful garden without being short of breath. I want to walk around a museum without being exhausted and having to sleep the next two days just to recover. I want to visit zoos without having to sit down every 10 feet before continuing on. I want strong bones and pain free joints.

In essence I want to enjoy my retirement without having to carry an oxygen tank or be pushed around in a wheelchair. And when I reach the ripe old age of 80, I still want to be able to do these things.

So how do I accomplish this? I guess I’m lucky. My youngest, a health and fitness nut, suggested I visit the website, myfitnesspal. I can track my calories, carbs, fats, sugars, proteins and exercise. It’s a free website and it really helps. They have a database of over 2 million foods.

The hard part was plugging in my weight. That meant I had to get on the scale. It was definitely an eye opener. I was not happy. But I was determined to do something about it.

Next was figuring out how much I wanted to lose per week. I decided slow and easy was the way to go, so only 1 pound a week.

Then deciding on an exercise program came next. I checked what was listed. Hmmm…walking….walking the dog. How hard can it be? After walking the dog (small 20 pound dog) for 20 minutes, I collapsed in my chair. Another eye opener! I was/am definitely out of shape!

Then the foods….I had to plug in each and every food I ate/eat or maybe even take a gander at. I was shocked at how many calories I consumed in a 24 hour period. Definitely another eye opener. It makes me pay attention to what I am putting in my mouth. Oh, and let’s not forget the water. I can even track my water intake.

Have I lost any weight yet? No, but I’ve only been doing this for a week. Hopefully this time next year I will be a different person, inside and out.

fruit n veggies

UPDATE: I’ve lost 4 pounds in 1 week. I didn’t expect that, just maybe a pound or 2. I guess cutting back on the calories (from 1600 – 2000 per day down to 1300) and walking the dog is making a difference. I sure hope I can get down to a size 8 again. That would be nice! A whole lot less weight to move around.


4 thoughts on “I Need to Get in Shape!

  1. Good for you…walking is a great way to get back into shape, especially when you start adding inclines. I definitely need to start walking longer. Good Luck! Hope you and Bella have nice walks.

  2. Thanks, RW. Naturally, I’d like to wake up and be a size 8, but that ain’t gonna happen, LOL!

  3. Thanks, Barb. I hope I have enough determination to keep it up. I see some folks older than me, out walking their dogs every day. So, if they can do, so can I.

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