Counting Down to Retirement

WOW! Just a couple more months and I will be officially retired! My last day to work (or nite in my case) will be January 31, 2013.

I will be among those footloose and fancy free, officially old folks (per my son) with too much time on my hands and not enough money.

I will complain about my aches and pains, the outrageous prices in stores and those young whipper snappers who drive way too fast on the road.

I will wear red and purple or pink and green all at the same time and stick my nose in the air at those youngsters who laugh at my color combos.

I will claim those senior citizens discounts whenever I can and enjoy my 25 cents or 50 cents that I saved just because I’m old.

I will begin all my stories with, “back in my day” and ignore the “here she goes AGAIN!” looks I get from the younger generation.

I will eat what I want to eat and begin my days with chocolate, the ambrosia of life.

I will drink tea in special cups and use the good china just because.

I will take walks with my dog because I have the time and I will let my cats lay on my good clothes.

I will nap during the day and get up in the middle of the night and watch TV.

But most of all I will enjoy my freedom…to do what I want, when I want…until the money runs out and I have to wait for the next month’s check.


2 thoughts on “Counting Down to Retirement

  1. LOL! It is a tough job. If I work part time in the future, it won’t be in nursing. I’ll do something like working at JoAnn’s or teaching knitting at one of the local schools.

    Did you know that LPNs (which is what I am) is fast becoming a dying breed? Schools are closing their LPN facilities and only offering RN programs. One day there will no longer be LPNs, only RNs.

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