Let’s Talk Bras

Yes you read that correctly. Bras!

Oh how I hate to go bra shopping. Over the shoulder boulder holders are the most uncomfortable things invented by man. And I am sure a man invented them. Just another torture device to inflict discomfort on the female population. No wonder women are moody! If men had to wear these things, they’d be moody too.

Needless to say, I think I’ve tried every bra on the market, seeking that elusive comfort. I’ve tried Cross Your Heart, no name bras that looked comfortable but weren’t; even Victoria’s Secret bras. I hate that the straps slide down no matter how much you “tighten” that little sliding plastic thing. Or those hooks in the back causing you to fasten it in the front then twist it around to the back scraping your skin as you go. Even the ones that hook in the front are bothersome. The front hook will twist sideways and come undone, especially in public, which leaves you looking for the nearest bathroom to fix the offending contraption. And underwires, PAAALEASE! They eventually poke through causing you to get stuck every time you move.

So what does that leave? Sports bras. Most are just a tight fitting stretchy thing that creates that one boob look, but at least they are comfortable.

Then along comes the Ahh Bra. A little bit of a contour sports type bra. Well, why not? So I got 3 and I must say I’m in love. Where have you been all my life? So glad I found you. The older I get the more comfortable I want to be. Screw fashionable. Just make me comfortable.

So, how’s your bra treating you?