Got a Few Ribbons at the Fair

Two out of 3 of my photos got ribbons at the Fair and both my entries in the Hobbies and Crafts got ribbons. Here are the photos.

We only went out there today to see if I won any ribbons and I’m happy with what I got. I’m not one for Fair food or rides so we didn’t stay long.


6 thoughts on “Got a Few Ribbons at the Fair

  1. Wonderful. wonderful. I’m so happy you took photos and showed us. However, I’m a bit ticked about the cow. You can’t convince me anything was cuter than that. Congratulations on the beautiful photos and fun-loving hat.

  2. Judges are weird. You never know what is going to strike their fancy at the moment. The lady that was watching over the exhibit said everyone loved the cow. So why only a 2nd place ribbon? There weren’t any other soft sculptured dolls this year.

    Now the fish hat … well there was a hand knitted afghan. That did take more time and yarn than the hat.,

  3. To give you an idea of the time and yarn used….the fish hat was over 8000 stitches. The afghan probably over 100,000 stitches.

    Did you know that a pair of hand knitted socks can have as many stitches as a hand knitted sweater?

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