Steampunk Cow Pattern

I found the cutest steampunk cow pattern on eBay. The design is by Frowning Frances Folk Art Patterns. I plan on entering the finished object in our local Fair. Which means I better get my butt in gear and get it finished.

This is the pattern:

Isn’t it adorable!?!

I have all kinds of watch/clock parts, hardware, beads, bottle caps, wire, sprockets, etc. to embellish it with. I just need to get moving on completing it.

This is what I have done so far. I used some cow print fabric that I tea stained to give it that grundgie look. Sewing on the legs is a little awkward. Felt like I was dealing with an octopus. But it will stand on its own.

I only have about a week to go before I have to take my entries over to the fair grounds.

Note to self: Get your butt in gear and get this done.



7 thoughts on “Steampunk Cow Pattern

  1. This is cute already. Can’t wait to see it with all the gears attached! All of the fairs on this coast are over. Is your shindig a craft fair or the kind with cows, canning, and chickens? Please take a picture of her and post it when you’re done.

  2. Ours is the regular type fair, with the canning, livestock, rides, exhibitions, etc. It’s every October here.

    I will definitely post a pic as soon as all the metal parts are attached.

  3. Good luck at the fair. Have you given your livestock a name? He/she is soooo cute. And where did you get the hardware? I’d wear it with clothing. I’m envious of your cow.

  4. Thanks, Barb.

    The hardware…some of it I got at Lowes, some at JoAnn’s and some from an old clock. The bottle caps came from eBay under scrapbooking supplies. I think I’ll call the cow Mooella.

    Yes, I’ve heard of double knitting. I’ve even tried it, but I don’t like doing it. It is mind boggling.

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