Have to tell you all, I got a new desk for under $35.

I had a little corner desk for my computer and there just wasn’t enough room on it. Things kept falling off behind it and it was a pain to retrieve them. So I thought I’d go looking for a desk.

Desks are expensive! OMG! I did not want to spend $300+ for a desk to fit in the corner. Anyway, we went to several places and finally ended up at Office Max. Surprise they were having a going out of business sale! (at least this particular branch).

All the desks they had were way too large. So we got to looking around and found some filing cabinets. They were originally $60 each, but on sale for $25 each. Hubby said he could make a top as we had some unused plywood and he could cut it and then paint it to match the cabinets. So I told the sailes person I wanted two, thinking I would have to spend $50 for the pair. But when we got to the cashier, they were an additional 40% off. Yipeeeeee!! I got them for $15 each + tax.

Went to WalMart and got some spray paint for $0.93 a can (got 2 just in case).

So now I have a new desk that measures 18 inches deep and 48 inches long and fits in that corner nicely.

Here is a pic of the file cabinet:


2 thoughts on “DIY DESK!

  1. Don’t you love it when you get a usable bargain? It’s crazy how much some stuff costs when a little ingenuity works just fine. Way to go, Creative Woman.

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