Hurricane Isaac

I am sooooooooo glad Florida got very little of the rain and winds from Hurricane Isaac. It seems he pounded Louisiana and Mississippi and I’m sorry that they have so much damage. BUT, I’m still glad it was not here.

We were in Mississippi at the VA Hospital a few days ago, where my hubby was undergoing tests for a blood clot. They did not keep him and I am glad they didn’t. We could have been there during all this mess. I would have hated that. As it was the drive to and from was a bitch.

It seems the majority of drivers on the interstate are careless and rude. I really wonder if they realize what could happen to them if they had or caused a wreck at the reckless speeds they were going. I have to say the big rig drivers are not much better. Used to be that they were the most courteous drivers on the road, but not any more.

But I digress.

Again, I am happy Florida did not receive the brunt of Hurricane Isaac. It did make us take notice of some of the trees in our back yard. We have been working to remove some of the hazardous ones. Hopefully, the potential problem they could cause will be moot once we have them removed.

I will be glad when hurricane season is over. I’d be even happier if we could move up north or out west somewhere. I think I could deal with snow better than hurricanes.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac

  1. You stay in your house and ride it out. Hopefully, your house will be standing after it’s all said and done. Hurricanes have lots of wind and tornadoes. Here there is no underground, because Florida is a sea level. So if you dig down a few feet you hit water. And there’s already too much water with a hurricane. Personally, I’d move if I could…somewhere without hurricanes or tornadoes.

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