Alan Dart’s Knitted Chess Set

I bought this pattern for a knitted chess set from Alan Dart’s website. It was a whole lot less expensive than trying to find one and purchase it on eBay. Anyway, I think this may be my knitted item for our local Fair this year.

If I knit one piece a day, I should have it done in little over a month. It’s really straight forward and easy, at least so far. I’ve made 3 pawns. I decided to do mine in pinks and reds, instead of the traditional black and white. The only thing that will be black and white will be the chess board.

Here’s a pic of Alan Dart’s chess set:

And here’s a pic on one of the pawns I have finished:

I’m making do with what yarn I have available. And instead of going out and buying hexi nuts for the added weight, I am using some old porcelain drawer pulls that I found at a yard sale (a whole bag for $2). And I’m using 8/0 seed beads for the eyes.

I’m also planning to make a large hanging bag with clear vinyl and a cloth background and individual pockets to store the pieces in. Hopefully, I will have it all done by the time our Fair is here.

Just for you Barb. Pawns with a coffee mug.


5 thoughts on “Alan Dart’s Knitted Chess Set

  1. Okay…I’ll be honest, here. I was reading this post from the inbox on my email and thinking….chess set? Why would anyone want a knitted chess set? But the photos did come through the email filter, so I came here to look.

    They’re wonderful. How exquisite. You absolutely MUST show us pictures of the “little pieces” as you get them done, Could you put a coffe mug next to one of them so I can gauge the size? You are so talented.

  2. That should be…”The photos DIDN’T come through.”
    Sigh…like a hillbilly, I don’t proof it until it’s posted.

  3. Hey Barb. I’ll take a pic tomorrow of them with a coffee mug so you can see the actual size. I’m headed out to work. Have a good nite.

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