Lotus Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This is my latest scarf pattern and I have posted the instructions here for you.



150 gms DK wt 100% wool yarn
US#9 (5.5mm) straight needles
Yarn needle
Gauge is not critical to this project


Lotus Stitch
Yarn Over


Section 1 (4 rows x 3)
1. Purl
2. P1, *P5tog, leave sts on Left needle, YO, P5tog again, YO, P5tog again, drop sts from Left needle, P1* . Repeat across from * to * , ending P1.
3. Purl
4. P1, *P3tog, leave sts on Left needle, YO, P3tog again, drop sts from left needle, Pl*. Repeat across from * to *, ending P1.
Repeat rows 1 thru 4 for a total of 3 times.

Section 2 (2 rows x 5)
1. Purl
2. SL1, K1 across, ending SL1.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 for a total of 10 rows.

Cast on 37 stitches. Follow Pattern to desired length. End after completing Row 2 of Section 1. Bind Off in purl. Block/steam gently to get the curves along the sides.

My scarf measures 56″ x 6″ in the Lotus stitch section and 7″ wide in the SL1,K1 section. 150 grams will make a scarf considerably longer. I just got tired of knitting and ended it at 56″.
The Lotus stitch is not a complicated stitch, BUT it is an AWKWARD stitch to accomplish. If you knit tightly, I would suggest you loosen up your tension in order to complete the stitch.
Due to the nature of the stitch, it does draw up the width some, hence the 6″ to 7″ width variation.

August 20, 2012 Pattern edited for corrections.

Here is a site that shows a video on how to do this stitch:



5 thoughts on “Lotus Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

  1. Even through I’m not a knitter, I always like to zoom over here and see what you’ve created, you inventive gal. This is so lovely summers are so short here, that we get to wear scarves about 9-10 months of the year. I especially like the blend/fade of the colors into one another.

    Heard a joke, you might like. A lady comes into a yarn shop and asks for cruelty-free yarn. “Oh,” says the clerk, “you mean acrylic.”

  2. LOL! I get that joke!

    There are some wonderful multicolored yarns out there that really are pretty when knitted or crocheted.

  3. First time on your site. Really appreciate your sharing your patterns. I am always looking for new patterns as I have been knitting for over 70 years and feel like I get very ‘Stale’ without fresh input.
    Your patterns seem detailed and complete. I will let you know when I knit this one up. I love color and texture and this has both. Thank You!


    • I’m glad you like it. And welcome to my blog. You might want to join Ravelry. It is a knitting site that has over 2 million knitters. It also has lots of free patterns that might be of interest to you. It costs nothing to join. I have to warn you, though, you will find yourself spending hours there looking at all the patterns, LOL.

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