What Would I do IF I Won the Lottery, PowerBall, etc.

The first thing I would do is sign my ticket.

2nd thing–find a good tax attorney or accountant. I’d definitely want to get all those taxes out of the way before I would spend any of the winnings.

3rd–Pay off all my bills. It would be so nice not having bills hanging over my head.

4th–Give some to my kids. And advise them to sock a good portion away for their future.

5th–Sock some away for my future.

6th–Move. You know someone will find out where you live and you will be inundated with demands from total strangers to share your winnings. Not that I mind giving to charities, but total strangers with some sort of sob story…I don’t think so. I’m not that soft hearted and I know there are plenty of charities out there that help folks.

7th–Buy a new car. Mine is a ’98. I think maybe I should get a new one.

8th–Enjoy life. I’m not a Big Spender type person. So there wouldn’t be extravagances, like multiple houses, cars, jewelry, clothing, etc.

9th–I might travel..some. There are a few places in this country I would love to see.

10th–Make sure no one knows I have that kind of money to spend. Just live a relatively normal life, but without all the hassles of living from payday to payday.

That’s about it. You wouldn’t see me on the news. I’d just be that ordinary neighbor you know nothing much about.

What would you do?


2 thoughts on “What Would I do IF I Won the Lottery, PowerBall, etc.

  1. I thought about this very question with the announcement of the last big jackpot. I decided if I won…I wouldn’t tell anyone. Not anyone.

  2. I agree, Barb. But here, your name would be published in the paper as the winner. They don’t publish your address or phone number, but they do publish your name. No choice in the matter. And in my situation (being in the medical field) it would have to be in my hubby’s name. Can you imagine if someone in the medical field won the lottery???…..lawsuits from people you’ve never even heard of for imagined medical misdeeds.

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