Devon’s Socks

These are plain socks I knitted for my youngest son. When I knitted the Horseshoe Cable socks, he tried them on and found them to be comfortable (even though his foot is somewhat bigger than mine). So I knitted him a plain pair of socks…no fancy cables, etc.

Since I got 3 skeins and only needed 2 for the socks, I plan on making him a matching scarf.

I plan on making Tabi socks or toe socks for my oldest. He keeps insisting on plain black yarn instead of something colorful. I wonder if he will wear them if they are colorful…hmmmmm….


2 thoughts on “Devon’s Socks

  1. What an interesting pattern, like ocean waves. I like them. I’m even more impressed you have an extra foot for modeling. Yeah, I think there’s something about guys, a color gene or something, that’s missing. I really didn’t like colorful things until I hit menopause, then I decided I liked having a colorful personality. I’m still learning to wear a hat. I feel so self conscious in it. Maybe guys and colorful socks feel the same way???

  2. My youngest has always liked colorful socks, etc. My oldest is an old stick in the mud when it comes to colorful socks. But he’s getting some anyway. They won’t be quite as “bright” as these, but they won’t be plain black either.

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