Gulf Breeze Zoo 2012

Yesterday we went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. We had not been there since last year. So a few things have changed since our last visit.

They now have a budgie aviary filled with those colorful little birds. My son and I entered the aviary with cameras ready and we were not disappointed as the photos will show at the end of this post.

Also it must be the “love” season for birds, because a lot of them, especially the males, were strutting their stuff in front of the all the females. We got photos of some of them parading in front of the females. Must be a male thing.

Anyway here are a few photos for your enjoyment.


4 thoughts on “Gulf Breeze Zoo 2012

  1. Yep, mooning us. LOL! You should see the pic I got of the Kangaroo sleeping on his back…..everything was “exposed”. Not something I really wanted to post. 😀

  2. I love those birds all over the camera. Great photos.What’s that budgie picking out of his hair? Time for some new anti-sunflower seed shampoo.

  3. They seemed to love him. They kept landing on him and his camera. That last photo is the top of my head! Son just barely got that picture before he flew off.

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