How Does One Exceed “UNLIMITED” Internet Access?

I am P/O’d at my cable company, Cox Cable. We Received the following email from Cox Cable yesterday afternoon. Of course, I had my son check for any security problems and fix them pronto, just in case someone was “borrowing” our internet.

“Usage for Current Billing Period: 202 Gigabytes

Dear Cox High Speed Internet Customer,

Each of our High Speed Internet Packages has a specific data usage amount. The
amount depends on your Cox High Speed Internet package and corresponds to the
speeds provided with the package. This email has been sent to inform you that
you have recently exceeded your Internet package’s monthly data usage amount.

If you are not a heavy Internet user, there are possible causes you should

* Someone else in your household may be engaging in online activity that uses
large amounts of data;

* You may have an unsecured wireless home network that is being used by
persons outside your home to access the Internet; or

* Your account may have been compromised by a virus and is being utilized by

Keep in mind the monthly data usage amount combines download and upload usage.
For additional information, please click here.

If after checking for these problems, you find that you are still exceeding the
usage amount, you may want to consider upgrading to another package that more
closely matches your use of the service.

The monthly data usage amount for each Cox High Speed Internet package is listed
in the Features and Limits of Service located at

If you have questions regarding this policy or feel that you received this
notice in error, please send an email to after you exit this
notice, or call Cox Tier 2 Support at 1-888-978-3250.

We hope you continue to enjoy your Cox High Speed Internet service, keeping in
mind the monthly data usage amount for your Internet package.

Thank you for using Cox High Speed Internet.

Cox Online Privacy Policy and related terms and agreements

Needless to say this really made me angry. And I fired off not one, but 2 emails to Cox Cable letting them know how I felt. If all Cox Cable users let them know how they feel, this may put a stop to this nonse nse. (similar to what happened to Verizon)

Here is an article that I found interesting:

You may have to copy and paste the above link, but it does provide interesting reading material.

I have a subscription to Netflix and I love being able to watch old TV shows, something that Cox Cable does not provide.

Evidently Cox Cable feels Netflix and Hulu are getting a free ride, so they (Cox) are going to charge their customers instead of sending a bill to Netflix and Hulu. Does this make sense to you? Not to me.


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