Plans for My Birthday!

My birthday was yesterday. Another year older and another year wiser…maybe. LOL! Anyway, I made plans for the weekend. Told my family I wanted us all to go to Bellingrath Gardens for the day. Enjoy some roaming around the gardens and just relaxing. Taking a few pics. A short mini vacation so to speak.

I even requested a couple of vacation days from work and I got them. So I have a 4 day weekend. NICE!

The problem…it looks like the weather does NOT want to cooperate. Thunder storms and tornadoes are predicted. That does not make me happy. If I cancel and go the day after, no one else will be able to go due to work schedules. Bummer!

Well maybe I should count my blessings. I got some great birthday wishes from family and friends. Nice to have family and friends. Youngest got me a gift card for JoAnn’s Fabric store. So a little shopping is in order and their sale starts today. Oldest gave me a Sweet 16 birthday card … reverse the numbers and you’ll know my age. He has a warped sense of humor, gets that from me.

Well if we don’t get to go to the gardens, maybe we can all do it next month or the month after. Maybe I can even come up with some alternative “indoor” type plans. Just have to give it some thought….hmmm… wonder if this old brain is up to the task.


2 thoughts on “Plans for My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday. Your weather looks great compared to ours, so I guess its all relative to what latitude you’re sitting on.
    I thought of you today when reading our paper. They did a special article on a waitress at an all night restaurant. She said people that come in after midnight are different than day diners. Made me think of the response you left on my blog about dealing with difficult people. I figured you’d really have some stories to tell, if they’d interviewed you. I hope you celebrate all week….and then some. Happiest of Birthdays.

  2. Thanks, Barb. We may get to go after all. They are now saying the bad weather won’t hit until the mid afternoon. We will be back by then.

    Yes, I would have some weird stories for sure. But the Hippa Laws prevent us from discussing anything about a patient/resident outside of the workplace. I can tell you that when a day shift person works a nite shift, they are surprised that our patients don’t sleep all nite. And they are surprised at all the work we have to do. They are usually under the impression that we sit and do nothing all nite. It really is funny when one of them has to work nites. I just sit back and smile because they tend to flounder. 🙂

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