Major Car Repair…YIKES!

I own a 1998 Toyota Corolla. I bought it used from a friend of my son for $1500.00 about 2 years ago.

I had some minor work done on it when I bought it. I expected it, so no big deal. I even bought new tires. I have to say I like the car for several reasons. It gets great gas mileage. It is easy to park. We’ve even taken several trips in it. It handles well and it is suited to me as I am short and this is a small car.

Lately, I’ve noticed a knocking noise and the handling is off. So after I got my IRS check, I took it to my mechanic for a check up.

This is what is wrong with it …. bad rack n pinion and tie rods, bad struts, bad axles, bad/broken motor mounts. This is going to set me back about $2200, but I did learn that all of these things were original to the car. So they lasted about 15 years. I’m hoping the car will last me another 15 years before anything major needs to be replaced. I really like the idea of “No Car Payment”.

Did I mention, I love my car!

My mechanic owns a 1996 Toyota Corolla and they continually spout the virtues of the Toyota. They’ve told me with regular maintenance the car will last forever. I certainly hope so…at least until I can no longer drive due to my age and condition.


2 thoughts on “Major Car Repair…YIKES!

  1. I had a Mazda, I dearly loved. Named it Lou. I agree that any car can be maintained if you keep sinking money in it. I did for 10 years. Look at all the old antique cars still out there. After 10 years, someone hit me. The value of the car was so little by that time, I couldn’t justify putting money into it, unless we did the repairs ourselves. Like finding a home for an old pet, I found a place for Trixie, making the new owner promise not to tell me if he was using her for spare parts. It’s hard to say goodbye to the cars we love.

  2. I’ll keep this one as long as I can. I have been rear ended in it. The car that hit me was totaled. My Toyota only had a dent in the fender. Had my mechanic check it at their insistence for any possible safety issues and it was fine and they didn’t charge me anything for that check. They were concerned for my safety. So I think I’ll keep my mechanic too.

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