6 thoughts on “Changing Credit Unions, Unintentionally and the So Called Smooth Transition

  1. Well, you’re certainly a better sport about it than me. I’d be yammering (to them) about the inconvenience and asking for some free stuff. It’s almost like you changed banks. You had to start over. I hope the CU doesn’t change hands again in the near future.

  2. As one who makes his living in the CU industry, I sympathize with the inconvenience caused by the “seamless” merger. Taking a larger view, it is sad to see the number of credit unions shrink year after year. The demands for technology from CU members are impossible for small CU’s to satisfy. Moreover, federal regulations have created a tremendous burden for even mid-sized CU’s to manage. The pressure to merge is great. CU’s must grow or succumb to merger. Unlike banks, CU’s can’t raise capital through the sale of stock or with venture capital. CU’s grow slowly through the support of its members who use their services. Encourage folks you know to bank and borrow at their CU. And thank you for being such a loyal CUer and for sharing CU benefits with the next generation.

  3. I love my CU. They know me by name when I walk in the door and I know them by name. We started banking there when my kids were little. We used to do business at a bank and I wanted savings accounts for my kids. The bank was going to charge a fee to maintain a kid’s bank account, so I checked with the CU and they didn’t charge a monthly fee for kids accounts. That’s when I changed everything over to them. We have been there ever since.

    The banks want to “nickle and dime” you to death. The CU has fees but they are straight forward. You know what they are and when they will be charged. There are no “surprise” fees.

    So yes, this has been an inconvenience. But No I will not bank anywhere else for all the tea in China.

  4. My CU will be doing a change over (just the Nevada branch) in a week. New account numbers, new cards…guess it’s to get us “in-line” with the rest of them. I don’t mind…there are only a few auto-payments I’ll have to update.

  5. If you have any direct deposits with that CU, you’ll have to change that info too. All of it is done so far except mine. But the info has been filed with my employer.

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