Two Guys, A Roof and a Dog

Our roof has had a leak for awhile now. But we finally got all the supplies needed to repair it…shingles, plywood, roofing paper, nails, staples, sealant, and time.

Hubby and oldest got an early start, first ripping off the old shingles and tar paper. Then inspecting the plywood to see what needed replacing. While this was going on the dog was crying. The guys were outside WITHOUT her. She couldn’t stand it. Finally, I let her out for a bit. I got tired of the crying. Of course, that didn’t stop her from crying. They were up on the roof where she couldn’t get to them. She ran around the yard looking up every few minutes and crying. Poor baby!

During all this I was the gopher, getting them things they needed….staple guns, broom, caulking gun. Now the funny part to this was getting the items up to them. You see, I’m afraid of heights! There was no way I was climbing that ladder. So I threw them the items they needed. I am in no way a champion pitcher. Couldn’t hit a window with a brick unless I was standing 6 inches away from it. So it naturally took several tries before I actually got the items they needed up to the roof to them. And my guys know me all too well. They know my aim is “less than perfect”. So naturally they did not try to catch what I was throwing in their direction. Self preservation dictated that they stand as far back as possible and let the most recently needed item land where it may. Thankfully none of the items hit them. They did giggle and snicker quite a bit at my attempts. “Revenge” flickered across my mind more than once. But I’m sure I will have my payback day. hehehe

After all was said and done, the roof has new plywood and tar paper. The shingles will be put on today. I’m sure they will need more stuff tossed to them from this “world class pitcher”. We’ll see how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Two Guys, A Roof and a Dog

  1. Yes, she was upset that she couldn’t be right with them. But it’s all done now. Thank goodness.

    Hopefully, we won’t have to get up there again for a long time to come.

  2. Poor Pup. I’m with Sleepyhollow. Those guys need to rig you up a bucket and rope, but they’re probably having too much fun watching you throw.

  3. The roof is DONE! YAY!! And everything seems to be in order. Still have other things that need to be repaired in this old house. It will all get done eventually.

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