Men’s Handkerchiefs are Disgusting!

My hubby is of that generation that used men’s handkerchiefs for everything, from wiping sweaty brow, greasy hands to blowing his nose. Oh how I hate men’s handkerchiefs.

He would put those nasty things in the hamper for me to wash. Now that meant me TOUCHING those nasty things! I had to get him to start using disposable kleenex. I just had to! Somehow.

Sooooooo…..I started throwing them away, in the deepest part of the trash can. Of course, I never told him I threw them away. He would mumble about how his handkerchiefs seemed to disappear and would go buy more. And, yes, I threw these away too. But I always handed him a box of kleenex when he couldn’t find his handkerchiefs (with a slight smile on my face).

Eventually, he learned to grab the kleenex or paper towels and I was happy. No more touching nasty handkerchiefs in the hamper.

So you see men can be trained. You just have to persevere and definitely Do Not tell them what you’ve done.


2 thoughts on “Men’s Handkerchiefs are Disgusting!

  1. Amen, sister, to throwing annoying objects away. I think it’s the timing that’s important. It can’t immediately disappear. The object in question has to be around a long enough for it’s position to fade into a) Did I leave that somewhere stupid?” or b) Are these hankies running away with the missing socks from the dryer? Here’s a gold star for your WOMAN badge. *

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