Out of boredom I was browsing the internet and decided to look at real estate in NW Florida. I was really shocked at what I found.

Over 2500 listings from one real estate company alone! Yes, there were some beautiful homes and yes, there were some not so beautiful homes. All at prices that suggested these folks were trying to get their money back out of them. They were bought at a time when the housing market was booming and these folks paid some hefty bucks for their homes. With the economy the way it is now, I would be surprised if these folks got half what they are asking. It is definitely a buyers market in this area right now.

Another thing I noticed is the number of new apartment complexes going up around here. It seems, to me anyway, that folks are not so keen on being homeowners. Renting provides you a place to live without the expense of upkeep, maintenance, unexpected repairs, etc. Not to mention the cost of homeowners insurance that has skyrocketed here due to hurricanes. Oh, and property taxes…none of those if you rent.

And the apartments are bigger now. Most of them even offer 3 bedroom 2 bath apartments that are bigger, square footage wise, than my house. Most have pools that the renter can use without the upkeep and free exercise centers, a clubhouse, laundry facility, internet cafe and internet access in each apartment. So what’s the downside? Maybe the rent that could go up, a lease agreement, noisy neighbors. But you could have all that with a subdivision.

Retirement has been on my mind recently as it is fast approaching and I am definitely thinking of moving…maybe to another state, maybe not. But I am considering becoming a renter. We are older and home repairs are not as easy for us as when we were younger. Lawn care takes several days now instead of one. Painting is an ordeal when your old bones creak and groan. So renting may be the way to go for us. Anyway, it will be something to consider.



  1. Interesting thoughts. Some of the apartments buildings could be an effort to save a building project. Condos were the rave for a while, but when the market tanked the developers converted many of them (here in Oregon) to apartments to at least collect rent and be able to repay the bank loan they had on the projects.

    Having someone else do all the work sounds great, but I HATE sharing walls with people. But you’re right….the time is coming.

  2. Renting definitely has more pros than cons when your older. Most of the apartments here are insulated well enough that you don’t even hear your neighbors. My oldest lives in a 2 bedroom apartment and you would not know he is in an apartment. It’s so quiet.

  3. Sounds great. Let the downsizing begin!! Even if you don’t move, you’ll have unloaded a buncha stuff. I think I’ll take my own advice.

  4. Already working on downsizing. Going through stuff and getting rid of stuff. It’s definitely a job. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years.

  5. Painting and lawn work is hard for not so old bones too! LOL! Good luck with your decision, there are some nice condos out that are rentals…I especially love the ones where the only adjoining walls are the garages.

  6. Oh, I’ve found several apartments that I like…..of course, my tastes run on the expensive side, LOL! My son’s apartment is as large as our house. It is a two bedroom, 1 bath with a dishwasher and washer dryer connections and a storage area on the patio. It’s more in our range, especially will be so when I retire.

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