As you know the past several months I have been dealing with a rash of unknown origin. I even had two punch biopsies and the results came back as “contact dermatitis”. That’s medical speak for “we don’t know what the hell it is, but we’ll treat it anyway.”

So the dermatologist put me on mega doses of Prednisone, a strong steroid with some serious side effects.

My first noticeable side effect was an excrutiating headache that even 4 Ibuprophen did not touch. I felt like I had been on a drinking binge and was suffering the consequences….and I DON’T DRINK….liquor, that is. Diet Cokes and tea are my drinks of choice.

On my second day of Prednisone, we had to go get groceries. BIG MISTAKE! I was a speed demon throughout the store. And it was Wednesday, the day all the senior citizens do their shopping. Those poor little old folks must have thought I was high on something and I was/am. I was speeding by them like they were standing still and I was only in first gear. I hadn’t reached my full potential yet. I really feel bad about the little old lady I almost knocked head first into her buggy when I backed up. I so need one of those warning beepers to let folks know which way I’m going to move next. I sure hope she heard my apology as I sped down the aisle, but she probably didn’t.

My hubby gave up trying to keep up with me. He just parked himself and his buggy and waited patiently as I whirled through the store grabbing things off the shelves and throwing them in his direction. Thank goodness I didn’t hit anyone….at least I don’t think I did. I was moving too fast to notice.

I know those folks were glad to see me leave the store. The cashiers would have probably opened a new lane just for me if they had seen me comming.

I will be glad when this Prednisone treatment is done. Did I mention the dermatologist wants to do patch testing on my back. Yep, she’s going to inject substances in my back and see which ones cause a reaction. Like I really need something else to make me itch! OMG! What if she puts me on more Prednisone!?! Heaven help the little old folks in the grocery store!



  1. Well…in your defense…those old folk probably think anyone moves faster than they do. So they maybe didn’t notice you flying by, whirling cans of corn into your basket. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully, you’ll find out what strange thing caused this outbreak and can get far away from it. The cure sounds worse than the ailment. Keep you chin (and all your other parts up)

  2. I did finally find out what was causing the rash…fiberglass insulation. We are in the process of roof repair and attic insulation. Some of the supplies were stored where I came in contact with them almost daily. Once I was away from it for awhile, the itching stopped. Then I came in contact with it a few days after starting the Prednisone and started itching again. Needless to say, the fiberglass insulation has been moved and I am definitely staying away from it.

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