One Charm Pack and Some Left Over Strips Equals 3 Table Runners

I had some strips from my last project and one charm pack. So I made some table runners. Got one completed (quilting and all). The other two still need to be quilted. Will probably use them as Christmas gifts.

I did get to practice free motion quilting. I have to say I don’t like the amount of thread it takes. I will probably stick with straight lines from now on and maybe an occasional decorative design.

Anyway here is the one that is completed.


6 thoughts on “One Charm Pack and Some Left Over Strips Equals 3 Table Runners

  1. I like it!!

    😦 My sewing machine died. My stippling stitches aren’t coming out right. I have changed everything. Time to take it in for repairs.

  2. The last time I took it in for repairs on the bobbin winder, they had it 3 weeks!!!!!

    It will still sew a straight stitch but when I attach the free motion foot and begin to sew, the back side stitches skip, miss and bunch up. And they easily pull out when I try to remove them. I have changed threads, bobbins, needles, gave it a thorough cleaning. I had planned to take it in today but had my jewelry class. Which BTW went great!! I learned a lot. Signed up for another class on Aug 6.

  3. Hopefully, it won’t take as long this time. Do you have a back up machine? I’ve got two Kenmore’s that I can sew on if need be.

  4. I just have my little toy Sew Petite. Going to try it today.

    When I took my machine in, the lady looked at the stitches on my quilt and said the problem was the tension. She told me what to do. Unfortunately, it is also making a rubbing noise. I broke a couple needles and she thinks it could be the teeny tiny tip of a needle down inside there. Oh well. $150 for a broken needle.

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