2 Saltbox Harvest Charm Packs & 1 Jelly Roll Later

I had a basic idea of what I wanted to make, but that was it.

First, I sorted the charms by shade, dark, medium and light.  Then I sewed them together in sort of a 9 patch and added a jelly roll edge.

Then I sewed the blocks together in a 9 patch and used the remaining strips of the jelly roll to create a border.

I haven’t measured it, but I’m guessing it is about 65″ square or so.

Next I have to quilt it, but that will be another day.  I’m tired :-).


8 thoughts on “2 Saltbox Harvest Charm Packs & 1 Jelly Roll Later

  1. If I had a several days off in a row, it probably wouldn’t have taken me a week to make it. But I only worked on it after I got home from work and made 2 blocks a day. Probably took me 30-40 minutes to make the two blocks.

    I would press them as I went so everything would line up when I would sew two rows together. In other words, I would sew 3 charms together then press, sew another 3 then press then the last 3 and press. Then I sewed those 3 rows together and pressed. Then added the edging..top then bottom and pressed. Then both sides and pressed.

  2. I press to the side. On these I pressed the top row and bottom rows towards the center square. On the middle row I pressed towards the outer squares. So that when I sewed them together, they lined up correctly without a big bulge at the join.

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