A Harry Potter Sunday

Yesterday, my kids (grown) took me to see the recent Harry Potter film.  I enjoyed it tremendously!  I am a Harry Potter fan.  I have read all the books.  So seeing all of the movies was definitely on my list of things to do.

I can’t believe how much those “kids” have grown up since the first movie came out.  The character development has progressed as well.  I haven’t seen these young actors in any other roles, but I’m sure they are doing well in their home country.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, I would recommend this movie.  But I’m sure you have already decided to see it.   If you have not read the books, I would recommend you do so.  They are very good.

Don’t forget your wand!



8 thoughts on “A Harry Potter Sunday

  1. They HAVE grown up.

    I was reading about Emma wanting to cut her hair and was not allowed to until the movies had been made. Now she has a cute little pixie cut looking like Twiggy. I like it. Makes her more grown up looking.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. Nice wand!! 😀

  2. Yes, they have.

    The wand is a replica of Professor Lupin’s wand. My youngest got it for me one Christmas. I keep it boxed up most of the time :-). Don’t use it, unless I have to ;-).

  3. I loved the movie, saw it in Daily City over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    I was watching a special (could have been HBO) on the Harry Potter movies…showing the kids from the casting call all the way through the newest movie.

    What type of wood is your Lupin wand made of? Maple? Walnut?

  4. Actually it is a resin.

    I have another wand made of Padauk wood. African in origin. It is supposedly used for healing, but can be chaotic if not used properly (or so the info on it says)

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