October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And I had my first mamogram towards the end of October.

Well they found something they couldn’t identify.  So I had to go for a second mamogram,  magnified.  Still they couldn’t discern what it was.  So I was scheduled for a needle biopsy.

Waiting for a week to have that done was hell on my nerves.  I was dreading the numbing process…lidocaine via a needle prior to the actual biopsy.

Finally, the day came and I went in dreading the whole thing.

First they took pictures via the mamography machine to make sure they had the breast positioned properly.  Then the cleaning with betadine.  Then the dreaded needle with lidocaine….not as bad as I thought it would be.  Felt like a little needle stuck on my skin, not in it.  But it was in it.

Then a small incision was made so that the biopsy needle could get to its mark.  I didn’t feel that or the big biopsy needle going in.

They reached a certain point, then popped the biopsy needle further in to the exact area.   Then there was a whirring noise and a slight tugging feeling.  They got all of the calcification and sent it off to the pathologist.  They also put in a tiny (head of a pin) titanium clip to mark the spot so that it can be recognized as a biopsy location on  future mamograms.

The worst part was the pressure applied after the procedure was done as the nurse pressed a thick wad of gauze on the incision site to minimize bleeding and formation of a hematoma.   After that, my chest was wrapped with 6 inch wide ace bandages that have to stay on for 24 hours.  (I so need a t-shirt that says “Free the Ta Ta’s”.)

I will find out in 48 hours the pathologist’s findings and we’ll go from there.

Would I recommend this to anyone else if findings warrant?  YES, DEFINITELY!



The biopsy results are in…..NEGATIVE!!  Thanks to all who kept me in their prayers.  I’m sending you all lots of hugs and kisses :-).


6 thoughts on “Mamograms

  1. Thanks RW. I was dreading the lidocaine needle more. The other needle didn’t bother me. I guess that’s because the area was numb and the biopsy needle has tubes attached, one of which carries additional lidocaine.

  2. Hoping for the best!!

    I have never had this test but knowing what you went through, if I needed to, I would. Thanks for sharing the process.

  3. Definitely! This calcification was so small, that the 2nd mamogram was just to magnify it. I got to see the 2nd mamo and it was still small. One of those that you would never be able to feel doing a self exam.

    This biopsy took all of the calcification + some surrounding tissue. That sounds like a lot of tissue, but it really wasn’t.

  4. I appreciate how your exact descriptions take a lot of the fear out of it for others.

    I’m so glad everything turned out well. What a relief.

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