Mother’s Day…Another Pincushion Tutorial

Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  OMG!  Better get crackin’ on making a gift!

Here’s another pincushion tutorial that is quick and easy.


Heart Shaped Ceramic Tart pan (I got mine at the Goodwill)




Embroidery thread

Pins and needles


Paper & pencil

Fine Tip Permanent Marker

Rubber Bands


Emery sand or regular sand


Place the tart pan face down on your paper and trace around it.  Then draw freehand around that about an inch out.  Draw a smaller heart shape freehand.  Cut out.   Place the larger shape on 2 layers of fabric and cut out.  Place the smaller shape on 2 layers of felt and cut out.

With right sides facing, sew the larger heart pieces together beginning on the side.  Do the same for the felt shape.  Of course, felt doesn’t have a right/wrong side. 

Clip around curves on both and turn right side out.

Stuff the large heart with fiberfill until firm and sew the opening closed with tiny stitches. 

Fill the smaller heart with emery sand (or regular sand).  Sew opening closed.

Using embroidery thread (all 6 strands at once), go through center bottom of large heart up through center top and through small emery cushion heart.  Go back down through the 2 hearts again, pulling embroidery thread tight.  Repeat this one more time.  Secure with knot on bottom.

Now to add trim.  Select your trim and pin to seam line around large heart.  Glue in place. 

Add the same trim to the smaller heart and pin in place.  Then glue.  Allow both hearts to dry thoroughly.

In the meantime, turn your tart pan over and using the permanent marker, write a message to your Mom.

Now add glue to the bottom of the tart pan.  Yes, that’s correct.  You are going to glue the pincushion to the bottom of the tart pan.

Center the pincushion over the tart pan and press gently in place.  Secure with rubber bands until completely dry.

When dry you can add other trims or beads, etc. if you desire.

Now you have created a pincushion for Mom with a personal note that she will cherish forever.