Won a Few Ribbons at the Fair

I did win a few ribbons at the Fair.  I got a total of 3 blue, 1 red and 1 white.  These are the items:

Blue Ribbons:

RW a

Knitted dress above with beads.



MZ group pic

Red Ribbon:

RW b

White Ribbon: (crocheted mystery flower)

MF 1


6 thoughts on “Won a Few Ribbons at the Fair

  1. Thanks, Donna.

    I’m going to try to work on a tutorial for knitting tomorrow. I think I will start off with casting on. That seems to be the hard part for most folks just learning to knit.

  2. LOL! You have to cast on to begin any project. Don’t worry I’ll start with a long tail cast on. I’m going to try a little video…I hope.

  3. Thanks for sharing photos of your winnings and entries. You do such great work.

    I’d like to tell myself that I’ll follow your instructions and learn to knit, but I’m still crocheting a blanket that I started last year.

    I only work on it during meetings (yawn). Did you read Ann Landers and all the complaints people have about folks who knit or crochet while they are visiting???? I was shocked. It seems that some folks are affronted if they don’t receive eye contact all the time.

    Makes me wonder what other problems they have???

  4. Thanks, Barb. No I did not read that. Some folks want your undivided attention. They just can’t stand “competing” with anyone else or anything else.

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