The Elusive Butterfly

Yesterday, I heard a tapping at my kitchen window.  So I went to investigate.  One of my cats had the same idea.  He was up there staring fixedly at something, his tail twitching wildly.  When I got closer I noticed a bird pecking at the window.   Don’t ask me why, I have no clue. 

I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get  a shot of this bird, but he flew off before I could even get him in focus.  I stayed out there hoping he would come back, but he didn’t.  I guess he had other plans.

I noticed something fluttering around out of the corner of my eye.  I turned and walked toward the flutter and caught this critter when he landed.

butterfly 003Ablog

I have been trying to get a descent photo of a butterfly all summer.  Luck was with me.


8 thoughts on “The Elusive Butterfly

  1. In my version of this photo, the leaves would be golden about to fall and the butterfly would have on a coat and antennae muffs. 😀

  2. Knowing your talents, you could probably knit something appropriate for Lady Butterfly. Even the birds want to get in your house so you can make them something.
    Great picture

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