Working Out When You Really Don’t Want To

We all have our little routines when it comes to working out.  And for the most part, I’m sure we stick to our routines for the duration.

But on occasion something happens that interrupts that routine or makes us unable to even do it for a day or two.

Recently I was sick and unable to get on the treadmill.  Towards the end of the illness, I was able to start walking my dog again.  But getting on the treadmill has really been hard for me.

My mind has come up with every excuse available and then some to avoid the treadmill.  But I have forced myself to get back on the treadmill.  Some days I can do 30+ minutes, some days only 10 or 15.  And THAT’s OK!

Some time on the treadmill is way better than none at all.  So I will continue to persevere and drag my lazy bohunkus to the treadmill and workout.  I will refuse to believe the lies my brain is telling me and in the end I will be glad I didn’t listen to those lies.

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I am a member of Ravelry, a knit and crochet community of over 4 million members worldwide.  One can keep track of their projects, find patterns, join a community forum of like minded folks.

I am seeing a lot of posts about handmade/homemade items given as gifts being unappreciated by others.

Folks, listen up.

First of all, that hand crocheted or hand knitted item took hours to make.  Evidently, the person who made it thought you were deserving of their time and skills.

Second, this is SKILLED labor.  Try getting your car repaired without paying for the labor.  You will be laughed out of there pretty darn quick.  And this person felt you were deserving of this skilled labor at no charge.

Third, it is NOT cheap.  It seems a lot of folks think others make gifts because it is cheaper than buying them.  That is so NOT the case.  The yarn for that hand crocheted or hand knitted item cost more than the same, mass produced item found in a local boutique.

Fourth, the item your received is unique.  Most likely it is one of a kind and you won’t see a kazillion others like it.

So the next time you receive a handmade/homemade crocheted or knitted gift,  ohhhhh and ahhhhh a lot!  And treat the gift as a priceless artifact and  I guarantee you will remain on the crochet/knit worthy list for a long time.

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Blue Ribbons, YAY!

Every year I enter items in our local Fair.  Usually, it is one or two items in the crafts section and several photos in the photographic arts section.

This year I entered several photos, but didn’t win any ribbons for them.  I didn’t really expect to as I really did not put forth the effort in selecting good photos.

BUT, I did win Blue ribbons on my craft items.  That made me happy.  I entered a sweater in the knitting category and the Headless Horseman in the soft doll sculpture category.  Here are a few pics:

pf 6

pf 7


The bottom pic shows the sweater better.

A Couple of Thoughts For a Healthier You

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A year from now you will wish you had started today on your road to a healthier you.

I started over a year ago trying to get healthier. I walked the dog. I moved more. But I really wasn’t losing any weight or inches.

Then I began using My Fitness Pal to monitor my food intake. It was eye opening to say the least. I realized I was eating way more than I needed and most of it was not healthy. So now I watch what I eat. No food is taboo, but some foods are better choices than others.

I also began using the Couch to 5K free app for my phone. I hit a few bumps along the way….shin splints, knee injury. Now I have advanced to the 10K trainer.

Am I slim and trim? No….not yet. You see I’m older and it takes more effort on my part to increase my metabolism. Is it hard? Yes, I force myself every day to get on the treadmill and then take my dog for a walk. Have I noticed any changes? Yes!! I move without fear of falling. I can sit on a low sofa and get up by myself without my knees buckling under me. I have greater endurance and I’m stronger. My blood pressure has gone down and so has my average heart rate. I am breathing better. I can bend over and tie my shoes without becoming short of breath. I’ve lost a few inches, so I can wear clothes I couldn’t get into before.

So folks, get up and get moving. You will be glad you did.

These Guys Are Everywhere!

For the last few weeks these guys have been everywhere. I can’t walk out into the back yard without running into one or several at a time. They buzz around landing on odd objects and sit there for awhile. Then they’re off again, flying around, sometimes a little to closely for comfort. But they do offer a photo opportunity.

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Oh, BTW, they are supposed to be good luck. So who knows, maybe I’ll win the Lottery this week.